How to tell the difference between an LS-1 and an LS-6 intake

If you have an LS1 engine one of the easiest bolt on performance parts you can add is the LS6 intake. The LS6 intake flows much better due to an improved design. Typical increases are said to be about 15 horsepower. Below are a couple of photos to help identify an LS6 intake versus an LS1 intake. Both intakes look similar on the top but the secret can be seen at the bottom. If you plan on swapping an LS6 intake onto your LS1 there are a few other parts you will need due to the flat bottom design.

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Here's a side by side comparison. The intake on the left is an LS6. The intake on the left is an LS1.

This is the LS6 intake. Note the flat bottom in the center of the intake.

This is the LS1 intake. Note the curve or hump in the center of the bottom.

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