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 Our Fuel Injection Philosophy

          Choose the location of the computer

          Mount components where you want

          GM color codes

          Color instructions on selected harnesses

          Easy to read printed wires

         Superior customer service


The Telorvek design has been around for over 15 years.  The Telorvek panel is a link between the engine sensors and computer.  This allows the adjustment of wire lengths to create an exceptionally neat installation along with the advantages of superior troubleshooting plus you can mount the computer anywhere inside the vehicle.

All Detail Zone fuel Injection systems include necessary connectors for that particular application, including single or dual fans when required.  These systems are complete and operate the engine in closed loop, which allows the engine to RUN LIKE FACTORY. Diagnostic Scan Tool connections and Malfunction Indicator Lamp Circuits (MIL) are supplied for each application, allowing the system to be scanned at any OEM dealer or repair facility *.

No one offers fuel injection systems that duplicate the original GM and Ford circuitry as well as ours do.  Telorvek is the only name you can trust when it comes to EFI wiring.  Our units provide performance, gas mileage and drive-ability like a factory system.  No special prom changes, computer reprogramming** or trick parts are necessary.  Everything is available from your local dealership. We supply the correct, new GM or Ford connectors, as required along with crosslink, fire resistant wire.  The wires are printed every 10 inches with the sensor and terminal it connects to (example: TPS->10). The kits come with 20 feet of wire for each sensor that is simply trimmed to length, terminals installed and connected to the Telorvek panel. This allows the engine computer to be put under the front or rear seat or the trunk if desired.  Some panel models contain fuel pump and cooling fan relays in the panel cover as required.

Another advantage of the Telorvek design is the capability of using the panel as a breakout box that Ford and some GM diagnostic procedures require to take voltage readings of different circuits.  This can easily be accomplished off the terminal block on the Telorvek panel.  All models of the panel have the service engine soon light built into the cover and the wiring is also provided for a dash-mounted light.  Any GM or Ford dealership will appreciate the clarity of the Telorvek system and immediately understand its design.  If space under the dash is limited this is an excellent kit to install.

The Detail Zone has an extensive list of Electronic Fuel Injection harnesses for 1985 and newer engines.  Our application lists show which model engine fuel management harnesses are a precise replacement.  In cases where we do not show your engine year but an earlier model is available, we can usually supply you with the older model wiring that will operate the newer engine with changes in components, sensors or other parts for the engine. This change usually requires obtaining the older model PCM.

* Cadillac Northstar ECM's and some Lincoln Mark 8 ECM's (1997-1998) have trouble communicating on the data link in aftermarket installations.  Please inquire.

** Late model Ford EEC-V ECM's must be reprogrammed to eliminate the PATS anti-theft.

Order online or call us toll free at 877-968-7842.


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